Privacy Policy
Privacy Policy
BAE WORLD Inc. (“BAE WORLD”) will endeavor to protect such private information in an adequate manner as the name, address, E-mail address, date of birth, sex, telephone number, etc) in a strict compliance with all applicable laws and other codes.

1.Collection of private information
BAE WORLD has acquired such information of the domain name, IR address, etc. of the home page user and the page opened by a user.

2.Use of private information
Unless otherwise provided for by any applicable laws, BAE WORLD does not use any acquired private information for any purposes in such a manner not in compliant with any applicable laws.

3.Disclosure to a third party
Unless otherwise provided for by any applicable laws, BAE WORLD does not disclose any private information to any third party without obtaining prior consent of our customer.

In order to prevent any private information from being lost, damaged, altered or disclosed, etc., BAE WORLD provides adequate information security system such as measures against virus trying to make unlawful access to the computer.

5.Disclosure, correction, etc.
If any of our customers wishes to confirm or correct any of his/her private information, BAE WORLD will do so if the customer so requests us.

If any of our customers should raise any complaint against BAE WORLD for handling the private information, BAE WORLD deals with it in a proper manner.

BAE WORLD endeavors to have all of its officers and employees observe any and all applicable laws relating to private information in a thoroughgoing manner and keep improvements.

Should you have any comments, etc. with respect to the handling of private information at BAE WORLD, please do not hesitate to convey them to our International sales/Sales Department.

MIGIRI International Marketing and Sales Department

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